Warranty Policy


Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC warrants its products to be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery, but makes no other warranty claims.


No returns will be accepted without a valid RA # printed on the outside on the package and a copy of the original receipt included inside the package. Any
packages sent without an RA #printed on the outside of the package will be refused and returned to sender.


Any abuse, misuse, improper assembly, modifications or use of the product in any commercial activity voids this warranty. This warranty does not cover
finish changes caused by normal use, corrosion, exposure to salt water and / or exposure to chemicals or other environmental factors. Material or finish
discoloration, peeling and / or flaking is not covered under any circumstance. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim: claimant must provide
proof of purchase (original receipt or invoice) and a return authorization number, obtained from Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC.


All warranty claims for merchandise properly returned to Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC will be replaced. Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC is not responsible for
any other expense incurred by the customer under the terms of this limited warranty, nor is Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC responsible for any damages either
consequential, incidental, special, contingent, or otherwise, or expenses or injury arising directly or indirectly from the use of merchandise purchased
from Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC. Any merchandise returned to Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC must be sent at customer expense with the proof of
purchase along with the return authorization number. Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC reserves the right to determine whether the terms of the warranty, as set
out above, have been properly followed. In the event that the terms are not followed, this warranty is void. Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC is the sole
arbiter of what constitutes normal use, abuse, misuse, assembly errors, modifications and commercial usage. Upon review should any of these be found, this
warranty is void. The duration of any and all implied warranties are limited to the duration of the express warrant. All incidental or consequential
damages are hereby excluded.


The acceptance and/or use of any merchandise purchased from Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC by the customer hereby shall release Keweenaw Tackle Company, LLC
from any and all liability pertaining to the use of such merchandise.