Q.) How was the lure developed?
A.) Finn-Wing® was invented by Sigurd “CHIC” Bekkala & his son Harold, two Finnish Americans who lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They were just not satisfied with the other lures out there. So though years of testing and modifications, the design was improved until it came into its current form under the guidance of Michael Bekkala, the third generation. Since then it has been proven effective in a wide variety of situations on water all over the country.

Q.) What is unique about the Fin-Wing® lure?
A. Fin-Wing® is a patented design that performs like no other. The special three dimensional compound curves create a unique action as it moves through the water, IT SWIMS! It also happens to perfectly mimic an injured prey fish.  The result is more strikes and more fish! You can also add a soft plastic for even more versatility and we provide an extra hook to do so! A picture is worth a thousand words, so watch the video to see it in action.

Q.) How does the Fin-Wing® stack up against other hard baits in the market?
A.) One fisherman addressed this question nicely, “It has the action of a crank bait with the durability and value of a spoon.” Many plugs retail for around $20.00 these days and that is an important fact. We believe the action of the Fin-Wing® is superior to other spoons and the 3D eyes just make it better.  Add the soft plastics capability and the opportunity to develop unique and effective combinations is almost endless. That’s why we call it “The Lure That Swims”.

Q.)What retrieves work best with the Fin-Wing®?
A.) Because the design of the lure is so forgiving, it can be retrieved in many different ways. It can be cast, trolled, used on a down rigger, jigged, jig and drop and as a countdown lure to name just a few. In essence, whatever the environment or presentation preference of your target species dictates, the Fin-Wing® can be made to work. Just use your imagination and try various methods till you find the right formula for success. Again, check out the video for some ideas and examples.

Q.)  What sizes are available and what are the specifications?
A.) Fin-Wing® is currently available in three sizes:


Q.) What colors and patterns are offered?
A.) Currently Finn-Wing® is available in twelve fish catching patterns and colors. We use a combination of precious metals plating and cutting edge coatings to achieve a bright and durable finish. Our theory is simple,” More flash equals more fish!” Depending on the pattern, our lures are plated with real Silver, which provides superior reflective performance. Our plating coupled with translucent and/or fluorescent colors, 3D eyes and the latest UV finish makes a potent combination. If you have an idea for a new color or pattern, drop us an email at: contact@KeweenawTC.com.

Q.) What species of fish are attracted to the Fin-Wing®?
A.) As the lure was developed in the Great Lakes area, it has proven effective with most of the freshwater game fish found in those waters: Rainbow and Brown Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, small and largemouth Bass and also with southern favorites White Bass, Stripers. In recent years, the lure has also been shown to be effective in brackish and saltwater on Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook, Snapper, Flounder and many others.  Check the web site photos and you will see why we say it is for all game fish.